Travel trends in 2012

Travel trends are obviously greatly influenced by costs and price differentials. Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and economic variations have a huge impact on where we choose to travel. Domestic factors, particularly economic and climactic ones, also play a significant role. Other factors such as global events, particularly of a sporting, cultural or religious nature, influence where we travel and ‘pull’ factors such as new flight routes and new tour destinations will attract us to new and previously less touristy areas.

All these factors play a role in shaping travel trends in 2012. But there are other more social factors that influence our holiday choices too. Here are two new travel trends for 2012.

Life-changing destinations

Although money is a restricting factor on where we travel, we all want to go to those far-flung destinations that are described as ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ locations. Programmes such as the BBC’s Frozen Planet are opening our eyes to new, extreme destinations, and our sense of adventure is being ignited once again. Aside from trips into the Arctic Circle in Canada and Scandinavia and cruises into the Southern Ocean and to the white world of the Antarctic, Australia and New Zealand and the paradisiacal islands of the South Pacific are going to be hot property. Flights to Australia are within your grasp and don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you think carefully about when you should travel. DialAFlight for example has flights to Australia throughout the year, so you can travel in low season and avoid the biggest price hikes. Furthermore, when you search for flights to Australia, you don’t have to centre your search of Sydney. You can often find more affordable flights to Perth on the west coast and Darwin on the north.

Gadget-free holidays

These days we can do anything at the touch of a button. We are always ‘connected’ to the wider world through the World Wide Web via our mobile phones, tablet devices or laptops. There seems to be no escaping work or study. Heading to the sand beaches of the Caribbean or Maldives, leaving all technology at home, is one way to tune out and switch off. According to the Daily Mail, gadget-free holidays are going to be big business in 2012. However, these kinds of holidays are possible closer to home if you have the will power. A real holiday is one where work takes a hike, so you can just as easily holiday in the UK or Europe and feel as rested as if you’d spent a week on a tropical island, so long as you leave your gadgetry at home.