Top Ten Secrets to Affordable Long Term Travel

Many long term travelers are asked how they afford long term vacations. Anyone who has been on a short vacation knows that it can be quite expensive, so the question becomes where they get the money to be able to travel so long. The answer is that they do not have a lot of money. Long term travel is not like a bunch of short vacation strung together, but something else entirely that, when done right, is much cheaper.

Watch out for the drinking

When on short vacation, travelers can afford to visit a local pub on a daily basis. However, for long term travelers, keep track of the drinking. While a cocktail with dinner is alluring for the first few nights, eventually you find it is an unnecessary expense kills your budget.

Plan dinner accordingly

A main aspect of affordable long term travel is connected to nightly eating habits. While it is appealing to try a new restaurant every night, a long term traveler cannot afford that lifestyle. Cook dinner on most nights and plan one or two nights a week where you will go out to a restaurant in the area and try out the local fare.

Sublet your home

No matter how long you travel, you still have to pay mortgage or rent and utility bills at your home. These add up and put a damper on your travel budget. Rent or sublet it to someone looking for a place to stay throughout the duration of your travel. The extra income will lighten the burden of home expenses. The same goes for your vehicle. Rent it out to someone. offers this type of peer-to-peer personal car rental service throughout Australia and soon to be around the globe as well.

Travel at a slower pace

A major aspect of traveling is getting to the destination. If you are only traveling for a week or two, the cost associated with getting to each destination on a trip can be extremely significant. However, if you are traveling longer, it is not as noticeable. Short term travelers cram as much as they can into each day. If you are on a long term vacation, you can travel at your leisure, spend a day sorting through all your pictures, or just sit with a good book. The less you do each day, the less you spend.

Finding cheaper options

Because you are traveling long term, you can research different places to stay before finding the best possible value on a location. You can also negotiate for lower rates if you stay for an extended period of time. If you stay in one place for a long period of time, you will know where the cheapest place is to get a bite to eat and to do laundry. You will know which ATMs have the lowest surcharge and best exchange rates.

Choose destinations by cost, not appeal

Some destinations are more expensive than others, and while this may not matter when it comes to a short vacation, for long term travelers, this can have a large impact. Some destinations are expensive because the overall costs of traveling are high and/or there are no real budget options. For example, the price to stay a month in England is the same as spending a few months in Bali, so many long term travelers select Bali.

Spend time in less expensive destinations

If you are going to be traveling between countries for a long period of time, make it so you spend longer periods in less expensive locations, and shorter stretches in more expensive locations. For example, if you are traveling around India, Southeast Asia and Australia spend more time in India and Southeast Asia than Australia because they are less expensive.

When possible, work for a few extra dollars

There are options to work and gain extra money to put toward your travels. A good option is to teach English as a second language. There are many schools and summer camps around Southeast Asia especially that hire native English speakers to teach for a few months. The money you make can be put to use toward an expensive destination.

Adjust to the local economy

When you travel for a week or two, you are still thinking about the costs back home. When you travel for long term, you start to understand the local economy more and the meaning of money actually changes. Eventually, $7 for dinner and $3 for a beer will seem extravagant.

Adjust spending priorities

When you spend less on your long term vacation, priorities change. A day spent at a famous attraction will be just as moving no matter how much you spend on your room. If you are going to be out most of the day, you will only need to room to sleep. Your main priorities will not be the add-ons, but ensuring the room is clean and safe. No matter if you stay at a five star hotel or a hotel a ten minute walk from the beach; it will be just as beautiful.


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