Top 10 things to pack on a family holiday

Family holidays offer many benefits, especially when you take family holidays abroad. Enjoy family fun, bonding and opportunities to see and show your family sights and experiences that cannot be duplicated at home. Packing what you will need is a key aspect of taking family holidays. When packing for your luxury family holidays abroad, it is even more essential to pack appropriately as many items available at home may not be as easy to find abroad.

What are some of the family holiday essentials you should not leave home without? The list below will help make packing for your family holidays hassle free.

1.) Sun protection is the number one item to pack when embarking on family holidays. Whether you will be swimming the Caribbean or skiing the Swiss Alps, you should never be without sun cream. The sun can be brutal, particularly on young sensitive skin. You are likely to encounter harsh environments where sun is damaging due to climate, reflection and altitude. Sunglasses, sunscreen and protective clothing are a holiday essential.

2.) Appropriate documentation for all family members cannot be overlooked, particularly for family holidays abroad. If you leave identification or passports behind, you will be turned back before your destination is reached.

3.) Cash is essential for any trip. It is even more necessary on family holidays abroad because of unfamiliar bank and ATM locations and their service charges. Credit cards may not be universally accepted. Unfamiliarity with your destination’s currency makes cash a necessity.

4.) Medications, prescription or over the counter, that your family frequently uses, may be unavailable or costly at your holiday spot. Make sure you take plenty in watertight containers.

5.) Comfortable shoes make family holidays just that; comfortable. No family holiday is complete without lots of walking.

6.) Family diversions to enjoy when you are not completely immersed in your destination will keep both kids and adults busy on airplanes or in hotel rooms. Books, toys, and games are examples.

7.) A camera and all the necessary accessories like batteries, charger and storage devices, as these

will be well used on your trip.

8.) Easily packable snacks can prove indispensible on family holidays, especially when travelling with children. Food offerings on mass transportation and at tourist attractions can be expensive and sparse.

9.) Toiletries should always be amply packed when going on family holidays abroad. Your favourite ones may be costly or unavailable at your destination.

10. Undergarments are self-explanatory. Be sure to pack plenty for all family members, in addition to a variety of clothing for all climate and occasion probabilities.

Check this list before taking your family holidays abroad and you will be ready to enjoy your dream holiday with the family.