Tips For Travelers Blogging While NOT Traveling

When keeping a travel blog during a journey you might have noticed that something rather funny happens. You go out on the road thinking that it will be extremely difficult to keep up with things while you are moving from place to place. You probably thing that you will have to force yourself to get anything done at all, because you will be so very busy during the course of it all. In fact, you might have serious doubts about your ability to keep a travel blog going at all.

But then you get our there. You step onto a new land and you feel the inspiration that writers have been feeling for centuries when their feet touch untouched ground. Your days are filled with experiences that leave you breathless with excitement, and you have a million stories – good and bad – to share with the world. Writing is easy and you fill your blog with page after page, so many that you might have to start scheduling your posts to space them out.

Then, you get home and something else incredible happens: you lose your motivation. Suddenly, life is settling back into place the way it was before you left. You don’t have as much to say or stories to tell. You aren’t sure what to blog about and you start to feel that post-travel laziness that keeps you from really wanting to try. Which might make you begin to feel as though you can’t keep going like you have been.

This is pretty normal for any travel blogger. But, believe it or not, ending your trip doesn’t mean that you have to stop blogging about it, or just traveling in general. All you need are a few tips to help you get back in the saddle and keep going forward.

  • Top X Lists – Already, most experts in driving traffic state that lists are some of the best ways to bring people to your site. They are also a very easy way to get the creative juices flowing and write blog posts for your readers to enjoy. Since they can be done using both experience and research, and they are totally fine for stating opinions, a top x list will give you a chance to bring in readers while getting past the annoying post-trip block. Some examples are “Top 10 Cities to Travel For Under $30 a Day” or “5 Most Scenic Countrysides In The World”.
  • Support Other Bloggers – Feeling a little tapped out? Why not offer other bloggers the chance to have their posts linked on your site? Ask any other travel bloggers you know to submit to you any post they are proud of to be compiled into a list. Or, put together a list of posts that you have enjoyed and ask permission to link to them (or just check their linking policies if they have an FAQ). Write an intro and a description of each post, and be sure to include why you liked it or any experience you might have had that was similar.
  • Guest Bloggers – No one said that you have to be the only one writing for your blog. Guest posting is an excellent way to generate content, bring in new readers and just give your blog a little bit of a jolt by offering a new perspective and writing style. I have frequently had travelers I have met in hostels or while couch surfing offer blog posts from time to time. You can also find other travel bloggers looking for guest posting opportunities for free or pay using guest blogging ad sites.
  • Plan a Dream Trip – You don’t have been in a country to write about it. With a little research and imagination you can create a fantasy trip to a destination you have always yearned to visit for your own enjoyment and that of your visitors. With so many travel sites out there giving an in-depth look at different cities and towns around the world, you can put together a list of things you would like to do and see if you ever went there. If you find some lesser known activities or spots from other travelers, make sure to link back to their posts talking about it. A fantasy is sometimes even better than reality. Who knows? You might make the dream come true and have a blueprint already written!
  • Answer Questions – I came across a travel blog run by a family of three traveling together around the world the other day that kept regular interaction open with their readers. Part of that was by doing a weekly post answering questions sent in via comment or by email. They used these Q & A sessions to both talk about their experiences and give advice to others who were planning to do the same. I also saw a Facebook page from another traveler who put together a list on Notes about the most frequent questions from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced travelers, then put links on the welcome page of the group. Very handy, and might be a good way to generate regular updates with an old and trusted style format.
  • Interview a Traveler – One of the best things about the travel world is that they are full of approachable people. Most who travel the world want to meet others and share experiences. A kind of connection is made in hostels and roadside diners and bars, not to mention on inter-city transport that is hard to ignore. This makes it a lot easier to interview other bloggers or even celebrities who have the same interests. Try shooting off an email to some of your favorites and ask them if they will consent to a friendly interview for your blog. It should give a lot of insight into how other approach journeys and what attracts them to life on the road. You can even interview people while on a trip yourself, such as backpackers, and then bring those interviews home to use later.
  • Reviews – One of the biggest benefits of having experience is letting people know the ins and outs of travel. That is probably one of the reasons you started a blog in the first place, to help out others who have the same dreams. Writing reviews is a great way to help our while giving a heads up to people who are looking for something good – or avoiding something bad – while in a new place. Whether it is a hotel you stayed in, a hostel that you wish you never had, a great little out-of-the-way eatery or a book you read on the trip, reviews are great.
  • Write Local – You know, just because it isn’t travel for you doesn’t mean it isn’t for someone else. If you need something to write about you don’t have to look any further than your own town. From finding the best restaurants to learning about popular stopping points for visitors, your own backyard is full of chances for writing. Special events are especially great and will get you a chance to appreciate where you are from as well.
  • Use Your Videos – A picture is worth a thousand words, so how much do you suppose a video is worth? Editing your videos into watchable and interesting clips is a great way to both provide something for your visitors when you don’t have the words, and filling space. It will also attract new readers and there is always a chance to creating viral content. That is significantly easier with media than it is with text.
  • Have Contests – Most blogs, no matter what the genre, do occasional contests. Sometimes they are in connection to companies that have asked to have a product offered, and if you get the chance for this I would highly recommend it. You can also do it alone by providing a chance for your visitors to create posts, tell their own experiences, submit videos or anything else. This is a great way to bring in new traffic, as well. Often people will share links on social media sites to ask for votes.

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