The Enchanting National Parks in Australia

Australia, the land down under, is the continent of national parks. Grand number of 866 parks covers about 59 million acres, and, in addition, there is also a great number of nature reserves.


The abundance of wildlife and biodiversity of the parks is hard to beat. There are enormous woodlands in the vastness of the Australian desert and small ones in the vicinity of large cities. Some national parks are dry because it only rains once a year in those areas while a few others are a part of the rain forest; thus, always humid.


The Finke Gorge National Park


The Finke River, which gave the park its name, has its source in the West MacDonnell Mountains and runs through the national reserve for about 250 miles. The wildlife sanctuary is situated west of Alice Springs and lies directly in the outback. Another renowned get-away spot is the Palm Valley in the northwest of the park.


The trees obtain the necessary water from the porous rocks at Hermann Castle. There are numerous hiking trails in the reserve, where travelers can marvel at plants and animals that can only be seen in Australia.


The Freycinet National Park in the Heart of Tasmania


Long before visitors reach the Freycinet National Park the surrounding peaks Amos, Dove and Mayson greet them from afar. The breathtaking panorama, the incredible variety of wildlife and the mild climate, make this park one of the most popular holiday destinations of Australia.


Gorgeous white sand beaches stretch along the coast. The Wineglass Bay, one of the most beautiful ocean fronts in the world, is part of the magnificent national park. Most of the beaches are only accessible on foot or by boat, which makes every trip a unique experience of nature. There are plenty of different walking trails in Freycinet National Park; therefore, one can enjoy the unspoiled nature on a short hike or dive into this paradise for a couple of days.


The Baw Baw National Park in Victoria – A Haven for Avid Skiers


This park is located 59 miles north of Moe and is adjacent to the Alpine National Park; the only reserve with alpine vegetation. Both hikers and skiing enthusiasts fancy this idyllic area. There, travelers can unwind, enjoy absolute tranquility and go cross-country skiing on one of the many slopes.


During the summer you can discover carpets of wild flowers that can take your breath away. Silvertop Picnic Ground offers a spectacular view of the Thomson Dam. The wildlife sanctuary is home to the Baw Baw frogs, as well as the rare Leadbeater Possum. Moreover, many tourists have made the acquaintance with the peaceful Numbats, lyre tails and cockatoos.


In Australia’s National Parks, visitors can practice different sports. Nearly every park has excellent hiking trails, and most provide information signs, too. These secluded sanctuaries are ideal for people who want to get in touch with nature, seek adventure and wish to unwind at the same time.