Places to Visit in Melbourne, Australia

In Australia’s tourist landscape, Melbourne has always been regarded as a hidden jewel. It is considered to be one of the best planned cities in the world where visitors can rent a car and drive around. Since the city has main streets and roads which traverse it from east to west and north to south in a superbly planned grid pattern, a hired car is the best mode of transport. In Melbourne, it is not easy to know the top sights to see. This being the case, a traveler will need to have an idea of some of the best sights that they can visit during their stay.


One of the quintessential destinations that you should visit in Melbourne is the Bohemian Triangle. It consists of suburbs like South Yarra, Fitzroy and Richmond. These suburbs provide a collection of ethnic, culinary and artistic delights. Market gardens and Asian food outlets compete with Middle Eastern, Greek and Turkish influences. When you add the South Yarran modern shopping mecca, you will experience a complete tourist package in a small area.

During summer scorching days, St. Kilda is the second home to most locals. It is used as a beach retreat as well as an attraction for tourists who visit a busy café strip that is situated along Acland Street. Currently, a heavy European influence has emerged in the form of spectacular cake shops and cafes. Tourists in this area have a number of options. They can decide to browse through the myriads of pubs, cafes and wonderful shops or relax on the beach and while away the afternoon.

A latest addition to the central of Melbourne’s artistic precinct is the Federation Square. The striking architecture’s wide and wonderful open spaces allow locals and tourists to eat lunch, mingle, and wander in and out of art exhibitions that are fantastic. The building had some controversy during its construction. However, it is currently a favorite of tourists and locals whilst being considered as a work of art.


Another leading sight in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cricket Ground or ‘G’ as some of Australia’s sports lovers prefer to call it. It is the Australian Football headquarters and also home of the country’s favorite sport cricket. The Melbourne Cricket Ground has a seating capacity of 110.000 people. It is home to major activities in Australia including the Boxing Day test match that is done against different visiting countries and the Australian Football grand finals. There is a sporting Hall of Fame attached to the Melbourne Cricket Ground containing photographs, films and memorabilia from sporting areas in the past that cause many Australian sport lovers’s to shed a tear or smile.

Lastly, Victoria market in Melbourne (popularly known as Vic market) is one of the best market for flowers, produce and fruit in the whole of Australia. Its location is at the northern end of the central business district on Swanston Street. On real market days of Sunday and Saturday, it is used as a popular meeting place for tourists and shoppers. Having information on the top sites and attractions in Melbourne can help you make an informed decision when you visit the area.

About the author:
Danny Duric is an adventure seeker and blogger. He likes to visit interesting places and write about them. Currently writing on behalf of East Coast Car Rentals a car hire in Melbourne.