Holiday Travel – Keeping Pooch Healthy Before, During & After

Whether you are the type of travel who throws stuff in a suitcase last minute, or starts with a “to pack” list that you spent a week writing out, you’ll need more than the travel size accessories and neck pillow when you plan to pack the pup. Traveling with a four-legged friend in tow takes planning. So get the pen and paper ready because there are a few must-pack items you’ll want to have ready and some steps you can take before, during and after your holiday travel plans to keep your pooch’s tail wagging all season long!

Starting out the travel season in tip-top shape means you’ve stayed on top of your ongoing health maintenance. Heart worm and flea/tick control monthly, plus regular grooming makes for a healthy feeling and great looking pooch! Before your travels, make sure you have an adequate supply of any medications and or vitamins so you can pack these items for your trip.

If you even suspect that car sickness may be an issue, it never hurts to have some medicine on hand since hunting this down during travel can interfere with the holiday fun. However, some emergencies may still spring up and surprise you; be as prepared as possible by packing a copy of your dogs vaccination and health records and the contact information for your veterinarian (at home) and of a veterinarian or animal hospital at your travel destination.

Finally, consider a last minute grooming so your travel partner smells his best; this is especially important if you plan to be traveling in close quarters like a car. A good grooming will also minimize the shedding during travel. Your car and fellow passengers will thank you!

Keep your hound healthy on the inside by maintaining consistency in his diet. Pack the food that he is accustomed to rather than splurging on cuisine while on the road. You may even want to pack a jug of water from home since sometimes adjusting to water in new areas can be even more detrimental on your dog’s intestinal track than adjusting to a change in dog food or treats.

While traveling, your dog’s routine is sure to be outside the norm. He will be meeting new people and staying in new places. If your pup is not accustomed to “holding it” all day, don’t ask him to do so while traveling or you may see him develop tummy troubles.

You may also encounter some behavioral issues that only arise during the travels. For example, pack a dog bark collar if your canine is prone to barking at cars and unfamiliar noises or people.

Be sure to offer plenty of exercise and attention to the dog during your vacation. It is easy to crate him or lock him in a hotel room, but being left alone all day makes for a bored and possibly destructive canine. Let him know he is vacationing with you and not just a tag-a-long in your trunk.

Ah – home again at last! Another good grooming is due to wash off the travels. If your hound spent a lot of time outside or around other pets you’ll want to check him well for flea or ticks that may have been picked up during his travel adventures.

Welcome your dog home and give him plenty of time to rest and unwind from his travels. Much like you need a day to unpack and do the laundry, expect to see him catching up on a few dog naps or perhaps playing with a familiar toy even more than usual. A vacation is great, but sometimes coming home can feel just as good for both you and your pup.

This article provided by Dr. Susan Wright DMV. Dr. Wright is practicing veterinarian for over 10 years and is the staff expert on bark collars for Dog Fence DIY