Four Things Not To Miss When Visiting Sydney

Sydney is the oldest, the largest and the best known city of Australia and a major destination for international travellers. It is situated right next to the ocean with a picturesque harbour and a subtropical climate which attracts tourist from all over the world to this city in the Land Down Under. Most people know Sydney for its beaches and its two landmarks: the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. But Sydney has so much more to offer you definitely should not miss when visiting this city.


Opera House

This attraction is annually visited by millions of people. If you´re travelling to Sydney a visit to the Opera House is something that you definitely should not miss. It is designed by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who won the international competition for the design of the Opera House. Eventually it costed over 100 million dollars. The Concert Hall and the Opera Theatre in total have over 4,700 seats and features a couple of bars and restaurants.

The Opera House can be visited daily between 08.30 and 17.00

Royal Botanic Gardens

This beautiful park is located near the Sydney Opera House and therefore it is ideal to combine a visit to these two attractions with each other. The Royal Botanic Gardens are a couple of different gardens like the Sydney Tropical Centre, the Herb Garden and the Palm Grove. These gardens where founded in 1816 and house lots of subtropical trees, ferns and orchids. In the Royal Botanic Gardens you´ll find yourself in an oasis of serenity, while standing in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. In the Gardens you can, like many ´Aussies´ do, pick nick or just lay in the grass enjoying the sun. Moreover the Botanic Gardens are also ideal to stroll around and enjoy of the spectacular views over Sydney.

The Royal Botanic Gardens can be visited from 07.00 until sunset. Entrance is free.


Harbour Bridge

This steel bridge is with the Opera House Sydney´s main landmark. From the Ms Macquaries Chair you have a splendid view over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The bridge was constructed in order to get the northern part of the city to be better connected with the rest of the Sydney. Besides this the Harbour Bridge was also a project in order to provide work for the unemployed in the economical crisis of the 1930´s. The bridge is 500 meters and is constructed with over 60,000 tons of steel. If you´re kind of a sportive person climbing the bridge is a must. Accompanied with a guide you will climb op the landmark up to a height of 130 meters where you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view over Sydney and its harbour.
Bondi Beach

This famous Sydney beach is known for its beach and surf culture, both clearly present on this beach. Although the beach is only a kilometre long it attracts loads of visitors. Needless to say Bondi Beach has a real restaurant and bar galore. You could also visit the more northerly situated Manly beach, beautifully surround by pine trees. In summer life guards and shark nets provide safety for tourists and city dwellers who seek refreshment in the ocean.


This article is written by Thomas Carter, a writer for Apartime, provider of vacation rentals Barcelona.