Discovering the Enchanted Sea on a Beautiful Cruise

Most people go on a cruise to visit the many, beautiful vacation spots found around the world. Yet, these travelers want to do so at the leisurely pace and comfort found on a cruise ship. When picking out which ship to select, the destinations visited and the activities offered are usually the determining factors. Also, close scrutiny is placed on the amenities of the ship itself. They look forward to the people they will meet, the places they will visit, and the things they can do aboard, or at the different destinations.

I believe a beautiful cruise is about the journey. A greater part of that journey is across the sea. This is what people sometimes overlook. It seems to be nothing more than a great expanse of water to some people, or a road from one point to another. However, the sea holds beauty and mystery all its own. It changes from one minute to the next. Sometimes, it is calm. At other times, it is temperamental. Once, I did not notice what the ocean held, until circumstances made me take a closer look. 

I went on a cruise once, to heal my heart. It was a means of getting away from the recent pain that I had experienced in a relationship. I carefully choose a boat that would stay at sea for a long period, so I could be alone a bit and brood. There is nothing like gazing at the emptiness of the deep blue sea, to assuage a similar emptiness from within. This is when I became enchanted with the sea.

It was a three week cruise that stated in a city in Southeast Asia. Then, it proceeded to Australia, before crossing the Indian Ocean towards Africa. Those first few days were wild days, as I wanted to drown myself in the bustle of the cities that we visited. I kept some distance from my fellow travelers and would interact with them, just enough to be polite. Then, we were in the open ocean.

I could not take seeing other couples enjoying themselves, so I spent my time gazing at the horizon. This is when the sea beckoned to me. It swelled and ebbed gently with the breeze. I felt as if it were a caress on my soul. I would watch the gentle spray of water, as the cruise ship glided through its expanse. It was captivating to watch the change from dusk to twilight, then from twilight to dawn. It was like a siren singing in my head, without words.

That was the time I realized that the sea held a deeper sadness than my own. No one really knows the secrets held close within those depths. The ocean held out its hands and healed what I thought could no longer be repaired. I was touched by the enchanting sea on a beautiful cruise.