Corporate Spotlight: The Top 5 Australia Employers in Kangaroo Land

Australia, the land of Kangaroos and big business. Home to many of the world’s most elite brands, Australia’s top employers are considered big fish in the corporate pond. Recently in the news for wanting to introduce a carbon tax that could result in greener companies and better industry conditions, Australia has developed into the businessman’s version of Hollywood and the graduate’s new dream location.

Australia’s Top 5 Best Employers

  1. Google: Google isn’t just Australia’s employer of choice – it’s the worlds. A company that continues to dominate Internet search and has office spaces that have been likened to theme parks, Google employees are considered the cream of the crop. Based in Australia and offering top-notch salaries, the Google career train is the one to catch and its Aussie office space boasts unprecedented facilities.
  2. Coca-Cola South Pacific: It’s Coke – the soft drink that is recognised globally and continues to bring in a flood of cash on an annual basis. Considered one of Australia’s largest employers, the elite brand offers its staff more than just fountains of free coke. Known for having access to some of the best corporate real estate this planet has to offer, the benefit-generous company is the choicest pick of the Australian career park and the ultimate job to land.
  3. Morgan Stanley Australia: Australian’s finest; Morgan Stanley Australia is where you want to be if you have hoped of gaining a tenured position. Offering their employees perks like six weeks of paid leave a year and compressed work weeks, this leading financial firm is more than just a place of work – it’s the Aussie’s corporate stairwell to heaven.
  4. Deloitte: When you’re flipping through Australia’s employer job listings and you see headings like “flexi-time” and benefits like “additional annual leave” or “fitness and banking discounts” – that’s when you pull out your CV and pray that you meet the job criteria. An international consulting agency that is based in central locations around the world, Deloitte’s choice of Sunny Australia alongside Google and Coca-Cola has something to say about the nation as a prime corporate site.
  5. Bluefin Resources:  Their main selling slogan is that employees “won’t find a culture of long working hours”. A unique approach, Bluefin is a recruitment agency that believes in growing their business by catering to their staff’s personal needs. One of Australia’s most successful employers, this has clearly worked for them – and those they’ve signed.

Aside from their prowess in the sporting arena, Australia is clearly a game player when it comes to hosting elite brands and their businesses. The place to work and play, this land of Kangaroos and coke fountains is the one to watch when it comes to top-notch corporate culture and once-in-a-lifetime job opportunities.

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