Best Retirement Locations in Australia

Retirement is all about tranquility and serenity when it comes to your latter years. It is about getting the best in life after living it all. It is actually the beginning of rest for many and a long awaited time for others. Whatever this period is for, it will all depend on where you are enjoying it from. You will definitely need to think about the best retirement location for you and your wife. You will also need to consider a location that will rest your mind and body whether you will be alone or not. Australia is one of the best countries to live in for a reason. Other than having great weather, it comes with special locations that you can think about when it comes to living large after your years of toil. One of these spots in beautiful Australia include Hunter Valley, the Southern highlands, Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria among many others. These places come with a mix of neighborliness, proximity to facilities, serenity and quality along with affordability for any retiree.



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Hunter Valley

This comes among the top destination with testimonials from couples that have lived there. The area is a friendly place to live in which is something every retiree needs. It also comes with beautiful scenery and environments besides the affordable housing. The homes here will go for $250, 000 to $350,000 for those looking for a good range and some that will go for more than $500,000 if you are looking for luxury. The Southern highlands will also have the same ranges and a good proximity to the cities including Sydney, Narooma, Merimbula and Milton. The cost of the home will also depend on the size of land it is placed on. Hunter Valley still remains a great place to live for anyone looking for rest and quietness in life including those that are not retiring.


The sunshine Coast and Toowoomba are spots in Queensland that you can definably consider for your retirement. The Sunshine coast is ideal for those that do not want t be alone and too quiet with proximity to beaches. The Peregian are a buzz of activity and a friendly place to pass days. Toowoomba is off the beaches and up the inland a little bit. The city has about 100,000 people which makes it quieter with some really lavish houses going for about $2million and others going for as little as $350,000. The hoes in Sunshine Coast will also range for about $500,000 to $2 million for those looking to invest in elegance and class.

South Australia

The only two locations that come to mind when you think about South Australia are Adelaide hills and McLaren Vale. The Adelaide hills are known for their golf courses and vineyards with affordable homes. These will cost about $350,000 and above depending on the size of land you are looking for. McLaren Vale is a paradise on earth with home ranging at about $360,000. It remains one of the most positive paces to retire with prospects of becoming better everyday.


Huon Valley in Tasmania is the place to retire in. The location looks like something out of a retirement advert due to its beauty and serenity. The homes here will go for about $350,000. You will have lots of sea food and community experiences to take you through your days in Australia here.


Echuca and Grippsland lakes areas are the paces to retire to in Victoria. Grippsland Lake is a hub of activities thanks to the boating, snow and water skiing and hiking features that are present. The homes here will go for about $250,000 to $400,000 and above for those seeking luxury. Echuca is a famed spot for retirees and is really close to Campaspe and Murray rivers. The homes here will go for about two hundred and sixty six thousand dollars.

Western Australia

The Margaret river region is known for its gourmet lifestyle and art galleries. The homes here will go for about four hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. The area receives about 500,000 people every year as tourists but has about 9000 residents only.

You will be sure to get a place that suits your budget and taste when it comes to retirement among these in Australia and when it comes to moving, hiring an expert moving company will not only make your move easier, but all the moving stress and hours involved will be gone. Or if you are determined to move on your own, read some advice from professional movers in order to make your move as smooth as possible.