Best Holiday Destinations in Australia

From the gorgeous beaches sunbathing fun to powder-packed ski slopes, Australia offers its visitors a variety of experiences during their vacations. The beach landscapes and rocky shores cover more than 50,000 kilometers of the Australian coastline. Cities dot the country surrounded by the large areas of Australian Outback and secluded beach regions. Many consider the continent of Australia to be small in comparison to other land masses. Surprisingly, however, Australia is nearly equal in size to the continental United States. The region grows in size the surrounding islands such as Tasmania are considered. Geography, culture, and climate vary dramatically from one area of Australia to another.

Australia is often called “The Magical Land Down Under”, and with good reason. The vacation one expects upon arrival to the country is often entirely different, and much more exciting, than originally planned. The seasons, for instance, differ greatly one from another. Winter ski resorts are bursting with energy during July while the local beaches and lakes are filled with excitement in January. The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite those of its northern neighbor. Spring begins in September and lasts until November, followed by the summer months of December, January, and February. March through May bring the beautiful signs of autumn and winter begins in June and lasts until August.

One of those mountainous regions which invites travelers from across the globe to enjoy skiing are the Selwyn Snowfields. The area offers an escape from intimidating high prices of other ski lodges. It is also the ideal location to learn the winter sports’ skills without feeling pressured by thousands of daredevil skiers on every turn. The resort offers classes which are among the most affordable, friendly, and professional in the world. Both children and adults will learn to ski the accommodating slopes of Selwyn Snowfields upon completion of lessons.

The resort also offers some incredibly low rates for lift tickets and packages for lessons. Beginning and intermediate skiers alike will not regret the high level of coaching received through their lessons at Selwyn Snowfields while also enjoying the wonderful view of the mountainous region. Other winter sports enjoyed at the resort include snowboarding, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. The mountains lay in seclusion from the rest of the world deep in Kosciuszko National Park. Nearby cabins, homes, and other accommodations are available at low cost to families and groups.

An adventure is around every corner for visitors to the remote capital city of Australia, Perth. Luxurious hotels, budget rooms, and traveler’s hostels are available for all visitors. Unlike many nations’ capital cities, Perth is an open region and offers plenty of space for guests to roam around the city. The culture is highly laid back and peaceful with its nearby beaches and serene landscapes. While the large city can be as relaxing as any, the night life can be exciting as well if sought after. Night life includes local pubs, dance clubs, parties on the beach, and even exciting camel tours of the ocean and historic regions of the city. Perth can be reached through domestic flights from many cities as well as by bus or automobile. Virgin Australia offers a wide array of flights to choose from, so do your research in advance.

Venice is considered the waterway capital city of the world, but the unique man made canals and water passages of Mandurah rival those of the great Italian city. The lovely beaches are a compilation of miles of surf, dunes, and sand. In the history of Australia, Manudrah is known as a remote fishing village. In recent years, however, the town has transformed into an unimaginable beach resort city with a variety of boardwalks treating guests to some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the region. The breathtaking beaches provide an ideal location for family friendly activities such as surfing and sailing. The local marinas boast a grand culture of boating and many activities as well. The peaceful west coast of Australia is not as popular as those of the east making Mandura a much less populated and much more peaceful tourist city.

The Red Centre of the Australian Outback lies directly in the middle of the vast wilderness. The name is given to the region for its deep red soil which creates an absolutely gorgeous landscape. The view from the air is breathtaking and the hot air balloon business is a favorite in the region. Alice Springs is found in the middle of the Red Center along with the Ayers Rock Resort. For visitors wanting to experience the Australian Outback as it is meant to be experienced, while still enjoying the comforts of a typical vacation will enjoy this resort. On either side of Alice Springs are the MacDonnell Mountain ranges and other attractions include Alice Springs Desert Park and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Outback brush tours number more than 65 in the region which allows visitors to learn more about the historical location.

Australia is filled with many adventures. While the world is often excited to hear about the nightlife of Sydney and the popular beaches of Queensland, there are other alternatives and well kept secrets in Australia. Not only are the 50,000 kilometers of coastline dotted with beautiful cities and thriving civilization, but throughout the nation there exist vast regions of untraveled outback, remote and secluded beaches, and exciting resorts with much to do. All of this makes up the magic of Australia and why millions of travelers experience that magic every year.