Best Cruise Destinations For 2011

Ship cruises are as varied as the planet Earth itself. Therefore, it is essential to choose the desired destination carefully in order to have a splendid time. While Arctic sea voyages focus on the unique nature experience, European cruises draw attention to the culture and cities of the cruise route. Sun and beach lovers, however, will find happiness in a Caribbean travel and Mediterranean ocean voyage.

The most convenient and exciting way to explore the spectacular cultural treasures of Egypt is on a cruise along the Nile. On the mightiest river in Africa, tourists can discover the history of ancient Egypt in peace. Start and finishing point of the cruise is usually Aswan with its enormous dam. A few miles away is the Lake Nasser, the second largest reservoir in the world.

From here, travelers can sail on huge wooden boats and admire the ruins and temples, as well as museums and botanical gardens. Magnificent cruise ships take guests to Luxor, where the scenery is dominated by the rural life of Egypt. One can barely experience the magic of this North Africa country better than on a Nile cruise.

The South Pacific a dream destination, with its numerous archipelagos, atolls and miles of gorgeous beaches. Australia, too, leaves an unforgettable impression. The people and colors, there, are inspiring, and the flora and fauna of the continent are unique in this world. A journey of discovery in the Kimberley region, in north-west Australia, is breathtaking and rewarding. Australia is certainly one of the few places you should certainly not miss, to get more info about your future travel you can visit these websites about Australia.

Vacationers have the option to take part in short excursions and boat trips to see this remote area first hand. An abundance of islands, hidden coves, fabulous waterfalls and a rich animal life are the main ingredients of a cruise. This is the ideal way to combine adventure and comfort with a memorable holiday.

Starboard lies Turkey, with its antique highlights Ephesus, Pergamon and Troy. Backboard are the picturesque Greek islands of Samos and Lesbos, which tourists can explore to the fullest on a cruise trip through the eastern Aegean sea. People have fun on Samos while touring the island’s capital as well as the mountain village Agiassos and the pilgrimage church of Panagia.

One should not miss out on a visit to the famous distillery in Plomari, where visitors can sample the Greek national drink ouzo. Final port of this wondrous cruise is Istanbul, Turkey. Here, the trip is rounded off between Occident and Orient, with a stroll to the Halis Temel and a performance of a shadow player.

South America, the fourth largest continent on earth, is connected to Central America by the isthmus of Panama. Latin America has multiple diversities to offer like the Andes, the rain forest in the Amazon region, Mexico’s Mayan sites, evidence of the Inca culture in Peru and, of course, vibrant cities such as Rio de Janeiro. All these stunning things make a sea voyage to South America something momentous.

South American crusaders are impressed by the Chilean fjords of Patagonia and the circumnavigation of Cape Horn. Starting points of many Antarctic cruises are Ushuaia on the Beagle Channel or Tierra del Fuego. Tourists are also charmed by the Mexican Riviera in Central America. Thus, some sea voyages combine the highlights of Latin America with a trip through the Panama Canal to dreamy islands in the Caribbean.

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