Australia’s Travel Icons

What started off as a one month trip to Australia, quickly turned into a six month exploration of a country that both surprised me and inspired me in ways I never imagined. I intended on sticking to the normal travel route of exploring the east coast of Australia but learned that in order to fully take in everything the country had to offer, I had to not only visit the east coast, but also travel to the west coast and discover everything in between for myself.

The largest and most populated city in Australia, Sydney was the ideal place to start my adventure. Darling Harbour, with its breathtaking view of the beautiful architecture of the Sydney Opera House, was full of stunt water skiers, elegant sailboats, and energy comparable to that of New York City. Sydney felt like a world away, but still managed to make me feel like I was home.

While most of the travelers I met continued on their trip by heading north to the beaches of the east coast, I headed west to explore a land inhabited only by a few aboriginal tribes and the most adaptable animals. The remote and arid landscape of the outback is both formidable and inspirational. If you ever find yourself in Australia, look into relocating a camper van from Adelaide to Perth, located in Western Australia, so you can explore this vast, uninhabited land at your own pace and at an affordable price. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Once on the west coast of Australia, I headed north and found a place I often still think of escaping to. A rare gem where the laid back atmosphere and stunning panorama beckon you to “stay just one more day,” Broome, Australia is a place you must visit if you ever find yourself on the western coast. Located on a peninsula, Broome has the pleasure of being surrounded by water on both sides, so you can watch the sunrise on one side and then head over to the other coast for the most amazing sunset you will ever witness. As the sun sets over the ocean of Cable Beach, the tide creeps out, exposing miles of sand that glimmers like a mirror and reflects the enchanting pink and purple colors of the sky.

Australia is a country abundant in diverse landscapes, rich culture, and hospitality unlike any other place I have traveled. I set out to explore the culture of Australia, but I never fathomed that it would become an exploration of my own soul which enticed me to adapt the “no worries” attitude of the locals into my everyday life.

Ivana Butler is a real estate agent working with Investment Property and a travel enthusiast who often writes about her travels.