5 Strategies to Working While on the Road in Australia

Taking on a nomadic lifestyle is becoming more popular in Australia, especially with retirees and those who work online. This increase in popularity has come about because of the ability to take all of the comforts of home with you thanks to the fully appointed mobile homes and caravans which contain everything you need to maintain your lifestyle as well as the proliferation of broadband internet.

Whether you are a ‘grey nomad’ or a young adventurer you will still need to be able to pay your way as you travel from one scenic icon to another. In this area the grey nomad has an advantage, as many are flush with the superannuation funds they became eligible to receive on retiring. Others may have sold their family home and  are ‘spending the kid’s inheritance’ as they often say. However, as the cost of living is continually rising all people living the nomadic life are forever searching for a way to boost their funds, and one way to do that while on the road is through the myriad of online job opportunities. Taking on such offers is not without its downside however, and so you must always enter any online income earning scheme with your eyes wide open. For this reason these five strategies to safe nomadic working online are important to keep in mind:


  1. It is always best if you can find a job online that is ongoing. This will help ensure you receive regular work and payments, because while one off jobs can be found on many websites, it can take some time before the successful applicant is chosen. It then usually goes to the lowest quoted price, often to a person living in a country with much lower income expectation than our own. You must be careful here that you don’t finish up lowering your own standards. Many of these job offers also fail to pay once they have got your work.


  1. Avoid getting sucked in by the glossy, bright, online job offers. Anything that promises great rewards for little to no work on your part should be approached with caution. These are scams. Most require you to forward amounts like $49.99 and in return you will be on your way to becoming a millionaire. Not true! Never pay any money up-front to anybody on line. If they want your services it is they who should pay. Not you.


  1. Stick to what you know. Don’t try to learn something new online where employment is concerned if you can avoid it. It is always best to stick to what you know, in doing this you will recognise a scam more easily and be better able to protect yourself. There should be sites available specifically advertising for your particular expertise, seek these out and you will find you will enjoy your contributions much more.


  1. Know where the wireless hot spots are. Wherever you travel you will usually find a wireless hot spot is not too far away, unless of course you are deep in the outback, but even there, hot spots are becoming more frequently available. You can use these hot spots to download and upload your work. In between hot spots you can continue to work offline if you efficiently plan ahead.


  1. Insure yourself against income loss. If you become reliant on your online income it is imperative that you treat it as any other job and insure yourself against the occasions when you are physically unable to complete any work as a result of becoming injured or ill for any reason.

The secret of success as a nomad is don’t get greedy, and instead stick to something that you know something about. If you are a salesperson there are a myriad of opportunities out there, tradespeople are always being sought in outback areas and many of these jobs are advertised online, farmers are also seeking out their seasonal workers online these days too. eBay gives you a limitless opportunity to buy and sell as you are travelling, and while you’re buying and selling you can look at the stock market too. And of course writing work in all its various forms is ideally suited to a nomadic lifestyle.

You can enjoy a nomadic lifestyle travelling the country as if on a permanent holiday whilst earning an income in your own right if you choose carefully. It is also important that you don’t lose everything in a disaster which may leave you unable to earn for a protracted period. Therefore you must insure yourself against income loss, just as you would for any other work in other circumstances.

Kristy Ramirez writes for Life Insurance Finder, a free Australian life insurance comparison website where she helps people to compare life insurance quotes and select the best policy to meet their needs at the best possible price.