5 Cool Attractions for Kids in NYC

It’s no surprise that many people feel that New York City isn’t necessarily a fun place for kids to vacation in. However, when they say there’s something for everyone in NYC, they mean it A New York vacation can be glamourous, filled with tons of activities and adventures for everyone in the family, including kids. Here are five cool attractions that even kids will love when visiting the Big Apple.

FAO Schwarz

The FAO Schwarz is among the most famous of toy stores in the entire world. Founded back in 1862 by Frederick Schwarz, this toy store features a huge selection of items for kids that is combined with old-world charm; making it a treat for both parents and children alike. Plus, there’s no admission fee, though children may need a treat or two

American Museum of Natural History

Much like FAO Schwarz, the American Museum of Natural History is also one of the most famous of its kind in the world. Currently, this museum boasts 25 buildings, 46 different exhibition halls and more than 32 million specimens. Plus, children who have seen “Night at the Museum” will be ecstatic to visit the actual museum in which the movie was filmed.

Bronx Zoo

Be sure to set aside an entire day to visit the zoo, as on average, the Bronx zoo houses more than 4,000 animals. It also features a bug carousel, camel rides and a children’s zoo; so there’s something for children of all ages. Not able to head out to the larger Bronx zoo? Central Park also boasts a smaller zoo, which can be just as fun for young children.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

New York City is also home to the world’s largest candy store. For those that have never experienced the “kid in a candy shop” feeling, then Dylan’s Candy Bar is a true treat. First opening its doors in 2001, this store boasts more than 15,000 square feet and carries more than 5,000 different types of candy, including more than 300 types of bulk candy. With so many different candies, it’s nearly impossible not to find a child’s favorite.

New York Aquarium

Unfortunately, a rainy day can rain out a lot of fun, but not at the New York Aquarium Perfect for a rainy day, the New York Aquarium is home to more than 10,000 marine species including sea lions, penguins and walruses. The New York Aquarium is also open year round, so it’s a perfect visit no matter what weather or time of year.

Visiting New York can be done with children, as there are a number of child-friendly attractions that are sure to also please parents. Just be sure to set aside a full day for many of the attractions, such as the Bronx Zoo or the American Museum of Natural History.

About the Author: Sergio Klimaszewski is an avid travel writer but also enjoys taking his kids on the road from time to time. When he’s not preparing for his next journey, he can be found studying investment principles and applying them to his portfolio on the www.ufxmarkets.com site.