28 Packing Tips For Travel With Kids

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to packing stuff for our kids for travel; sometimes we pack too much and tire ourselves out lugging our baggage. We spend hours at each destination just repacking our stuff! Sometimes we forget to pack the things that are most important to us and then run around trying to buy them afresh. Here are several useful packing tips that’ll save much energy and heartache on those trips!

Baby Essentials

1. 1 diaper bag with a waterproof lining and a strong shoulder bag
2. Be sure to pack some plastic diaper disposal sacks; you can’t expect to find a Diaper Genie at your hotel.
3. If you’re flying outside the country, be sure to pack sufficient baby formula to last your trip.
4. Also take spare bottles and sippers; you may not find the same kind in other countries.

Emergency Backups

5. Pack laundry detergent and powdered oxygen in separate ziplock bags. Kids’ clothing gets dirty quicker ; kids’ clothing gets dirtier than adults’ and you may not find a laundromat in the nick of time. Apart from that, it’s tough to find fragrance free detergent in European countries.
6. Always remember to pack several ziplock bags in different sizes; you’ll need them to store leftover food, put away soiled diapers till you can find a disposal unit and so on.


7. If you’re leaving on a short trip, pack one change of clothing for your kids for each day you’ll be away. For a longer trip, take five outfits and a couple of spare t-shirts and launder clothes on the way.
8. Pack patterned clothing instead of plain ones. If you take plain clothes, make sure they’re in dark colors; these wear longer than white clothes.
9. Leave bulky sweaters at home and take several long sleeved lightweight pullovers; layered clothing keeps the body warmer.

Medical Necessities

10. Pack a first aid bag for your kids and put in emergency items such as nose drops, infant Tylenol, ipecac, sunscreen, electrolyte strips and so on, a week before your trip.
11. Check the expiry dates of first aid bag items well before your travel.
12. Carry your children’s medications with you on the flight, but make sure you keep fluids in a separate zip lock bag. You can carry only quart-size bottles of fluid as per TSA rules.
13. Mention clear dosing information on the medications for your kids in your carryon bag.

Flight Essentials

14. Forget getting a stroller if you’re flying; most airlines don’t pay damages for checked in strollers. Get yourself a comfortable baby sling carrier instead.
15. Twice the number of diapers in your baby’s diaper bag if you’re flying. Air pressure can do strange things to their little tummies.
16. Pack some baby wipes and some changing pads as well on the flight, so you’re prepared for emergencies.
17. Consider using a CARES Airplane Seat Harness instead of a car set on the plane. Be sure to carry along documentation that your seat harness is FAA approved.
18. Bring some non- perishable food for your kids for the flight. Most airlines are cutting costs on food and it’s hard to get decent food for your toddlers on flights anymore.
19. Pack powdered baby formula on the plane and mix it with water during meal times. Do not use the tap water on the plane to either rinse or prepare the formula.
20. Wrap up a couple of new toys and give them to your kids one by one when they get very cranky. This will buy you a few minutes of peace and quiet while they’re busy unwrapping them.


21. Allow your children to select a few comics, paperback children’s books, your child’s favorite lovey and a couple of handheld video game players.
22. The rule of thumb with young kids is one toy for every hour you expect them to be awake during a flight.
23. Be sure to take along a couple of spare headsets, an iPod full of rhymes for young children and favorite bands for older ones.

24. Pack 3 blankets per kid; one as spare, one to use and one for wash should do.
25. If your child is small, give him or her a light-weight carryon bag with a couple of toys and a comfort squeezy doll inside.

Packing tips

26. Pack things within self-sealing bags of different sizes; for example, one bag for socks, one for underwear and so on. This will save you precious time and save you the bother of digging for clothing.
27. Carry a couple of extra self-sealing bags for dirty laundry, so that clean clothes are not soiled by them.
28. Pack a backpack for each child, containing their toys, 1 blanket, some food and water. This will help minimize your load as well.

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